It’s Wednesday right?

I have BIG news today in the land of Julia ..

This morning (at Ludus obviously) I actually did box jumps – on a box 😉

Yeah it’s been a slow week for “breaking news” but netherless I haven’t done box jumps since I hurt my knee. I’ve been doing box step ups – and not even box step ups, tyre step ups! This mornings workout included a timed set (6 minutes) of box jumps & chins and it was only 10 of each so I thought I’d give jumping a go .. and I did it, so rather chuffed.

I’m thinking I might push my luck and try and go for an actual run tonight.

Tomorrow I will tell you if sensible Julia explains to gung ho Julia that might not be such a good idea and gung ho Julia actually listens.

Anyway I’ve been leaving you all hanging for a few weeks in the wolf department. Oh and I have to say one of the wolves I previously featured came to Ludus the other morning. I’ve never been so star struck in all my life AND he is even more hawt in the flesh!!!

Right I’m digressing again .. I was just remembering (as are all the other Ludus girlies right now) lol.

Brad Shields – Rugby Player – Wellington Hurricanes

Far left – I thought you might enjoy the other team members too 😉 Reggie Goodes, Faifili Levave and Jeremy Thrush

Oh and did I mention I got this ..

I think it’s code for – Julia you rock if you weren’t already married I would propose to you 😉

Unfortunately I would have to turn him down because according to that youngest age you can date calculation he’s too young!

Till next time

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