When I grow up ..

I want to be strong like today’s Wolf!

He is a one man try stopping machine!  During last weekends Rugby World Cup semi final between the All Blacks and Australia he ran after and literally picked up the Australian player who was headed towards the try line and threw him backwards!  

That move probably ensured the Australian’s didn’t pick up momentum and the All Blacks made it into this weekends Rugby World Cup Final.

Imagine being that strong!

Today our Wolf is Jerome Kaino –  196cm and 110 kilos worth of All Black.

This was the move that made him my “super hero” look at that strength!

And he isn’t uneasy on the eye without a shirt on either …………

And since I’m here lets have one more for the road ..

And how cute is that smile!

Oh and you have James to thank for todays post because he reminded me.  Lets just say its been a busy busy week in my world.  Will tell you about it when I catch my breath!

Till next time

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