Day 83 and I’m back!

After yesterdays marathon 163 burpee effort I wasn’t going to skip another day ..

Although after doing the marathon birthday session for the Kava King at Ludus yesterday and then the 163 burpees that night, today my shoulders and chest are aching, actually no .. aching is wrong ….

Screaming every time I move!

That is a better and more accurate description so if I was going to skip a day – today would have been it.  But no, I sucked up my “I don’t want to ” face and got on with the job at hand.  Got to admit, they are some pretty slow and labored burpees today.  Not only is my chest and shoulders knackered from yesterdays Ludus session and burpees, but my legs are fried from this mornings double RPM session.

Ooo on a more positive note, I wore my cycle shoes this morning and it makes spinning so much easier because the up stroke (stop giggling Anna) is much easier because you can utilize your hamstrings much more efficiently when you are attached to the pedal.  My resistance went up at least half a turn!

The cleats still need to be tweaked a little due to my useless Achilles that does not work, but otherwise the session was hard enough to ensure my legs have still not forgotten I did a workout this morning .. gotta love that!

I did however miss a JT session at Ludus .. I think I had about a dozen people tell me because they all know I have a soft spot for JT – but the man did manage to save my life when I was at the top of a rope net!   I did hear that he’s taking Thursday morning, I did have other plans .. but I may just change them 😉

Anyway tonight I usually do a Level 2 Vinyasa class (because they make me sweat up a storm and I get to do handstands a other freaky shit) but because I’m not sure I can actually hold a plank today, I’m going to do a Level 1 class and try and get my stretch on. 

So you guys watch this and I will go off and get ready ..

Till next time

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