Day 84

84 days!

In a way I’m kind of surprised I’m still going, I guess if it wasn’t for you guys out in blog land I probably would have given up at around day 30 but the first thing most people ask me is

“So how are the burpees going?”

And I always answer .. “good”

Gotta admit though it will be nice to not “have” to do burpees EVERY SINGLE day .. after the 100 day challenge is up I do have another two that I’m going to start (and one of those obviously involves burpees because well I’m “that burpee chick”) 😉

Anyway todays blog is short and sweet (kind of like me) ..

In a nutshell I got up, nabbed the last carpark on Ludus hill, did Ludus, raced across town to get to RPM in time then worked, came home, did burpees

hung out with the kids then went to Yoga. Incidentally I did a Level 2 class today – I love those because thats the class where you learn all the freaky acrobatic tricks but I did really enjoy the Level 1 class yesterday – it was just what my tired body needed.

Anyway thats it from me for today 16 more days and I can return to blogging once a month 😉

Till next time

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