What a way to start the day

It’s been a rare event lately for me to get two visits to Ludus in a week let a lone two sessions in a row these days.

But yesterday I noticed that today’s workout was a brick session which meant I had a free morning so I jumped at the chance to start my day smashing stuff with a sledgehammer!

(Thankfully that did not include my finger this time around) 😉

When James asked over dinner what my plans were for today and I told him I was going to Ludus I must have said it in an exuberant way because he said

“You really love that place don’t you?”

At first I thought “What kind of stupid question is that” but I replied after thinking for a split second (or two)

“Yes – if I could only do ONE thing fitness/sporting wise and Ludus was it .. I would not be unhappy”

Although if he had asked me the same question during our hill sprints this morning I may have reconsidered my position.  Damn I hate that hill!

Right – let’s get on with the show and get some of these questions I’ve received answered ..

I guess the answer would be – why not?

It kind of happened like this (all inside my head obviously – I don’t talk out loud to myself – well not entire conversations anyway)

*back story – My friend Stacey and I have decided to pick a multi sport event and race each other*

Me – “Right so I need to find an event that Stacey and I can do at end of 2012 in the North Island,  lets ask Mr Google”

Me (still) – “Hmmm can’t see any tri’s end of 2012”

Me (again) – “Oh what’s this?  A half ironman in Taupo?  Well that’s a multi sport event and its in the right area AND its at the end of the year – I guess that’s it then”

And that is how I decided that although I hate running, can’t swim and at that time didn’t even have a road bike, would become a half an iron person.

Firstly – thank you.

Secondly – according to my friend Jen 8 seconds counts so I guess I had better suck it up and do the 10k because that is what I said I would do *sigh*

Goal? To finish .. 🙂

Winning was pretty cool – in fact I cried I was so happy.

But my greatest accomplishment?

The kidlets .. my tummy may totally suck at doing crunches but it grows great kids.

And numero uno kidlet turns four today. Four! Can you believe it, I am the Mumma of a four year old (going on 40) 😉

I am going to to and cry in a corner now ..

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Awww your babies are beautiful!!! Well done 😉

  2. Donloree says:

    I love your greatest accomplishment. Happy birthday Izzy!

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