All new traditions start somewhere

Yesterday was a good day!

As I mentioned yesterday it was numero uno kidlets fourth birthday and I decided to start a new family tradition and arranged to work half a day so I could be home when she finished kindy which would allow me to spend time with her doing all the stuff you do on your birthday.

I raced home and did the brick session (bike/run) that was on the plan for the day, so that it was out of the way.  Oh one quick note to all the male folk in the land. I already know I have lovely boobies because I paid for them and I’ve seen the bill – you do not need to hang out the window and tell me while I run down the road.

Anyway I digress J and I went and picked up the kidlets and then went on a pressie hunt.  I told Issy that if she didn’t find any pressies then it obviously wasn’t her birthday and she was still my baby and not a big grown up four year old.

Alas ….

It was pretty hard to hide! 😉

While Issy and her little friend Emma played “lets clean the house”  (Elias duly provided the mess) I consoled myself by watching some of the Australian Open Tennis which is the perfect segue into ..

Although I usually find mens tennis a little boring (think serve, miss, serve, miss – game over) I would watch Ryan Sweeting serve a tennis ball or two.

If I’m honest I know nothing about young Ryan apart from he’s American and seems to have a penchant for practising his tennis with no shirt on.

Take one ..

Take two ..

Take three ..

I’ve got to watch tennis more often 😉

Till next time

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  1. Kate says:

    ok yep I’d probably suffer tennis for that. Still chuckling at the boob comment

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