Day 74 – Rest Day

If it was good enough for God .. surely no one could begrudge me one day of rest …

Not that I made an entire universe in one week or anything, but I did live my life to the fullest, that’s gotta count for something 😉

So rest it was .. and I rested with Yoga.

I know I told you in an earlier blog that James informed me that a rest day should be doing nothing and I *kind of* agreed with him, but I’ve decided to over rule him (like I do in most cases – I’m the pants wearer in my house, although its more likely that he just goes along with his “happy wife, happy life” adage and let’s me do whatever makes me happy (to a degree))

Anyway I went along to the free Lululemon Yoga class this morning and Denise from Yoga Sanctuary took it! I take that as a *sign* from God that she is supposed to be the one to show me the ways of the yogi 😉

Class was amazing (yet again) and because I had done a session yesterday I found it much easier today, I could follow along and keep up – still no pretzel binding going on though but heck it’s only day two .. all good things take time (or so I’ve heard).

After my amazing yoga session I went to Ludus to pick up J and go for coffee with all the Ludians who had been at mass, then J and I headed home and I knocked out some burpees

Then we dragged (well actually we were dragged) down to the pool and that was that really .. I’m a water sign so once I get anywhere near water .. good bye rest of day 🙂

Gotta say – I think I love resting 😉

And I’m gonna need it – it’s my first day back in the Arena at stupid oclock tomorrow after a 3 week break .. wish me luck.

Till next time

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