Don’t be “that” friend

Do you know what drives me bonkers??

We’ll other than someone overtaking you then deciding to drive slower than they could walk? (Even in my year of gratitude I find it hard to put a positive spin on that).

So I’ll rephrase, do you know what also drives me bonkers??

It’s when I see one of my social media friends telling everyone they have joined a box (and it’s going great, yada yada) and shortly thereafter “that friend” pipes up.

What friend you ask?

The “I wish I could afford to do something like that friend.

You know  “that” friend right?  Because there is always (at least) one!  Now I’m not going to say that crossfit is cheap – because it’s not. In fact it’s (at least) double the price of belonging to a globo gym, a casual session alone will cost you the same as the weekly membership fee at one of those look after yourself, open 24 hour type gyms.

It seems strange right? I mean these places are just warehouses with some rings strung from the ceiling, how can they justify the cost??  I can’t say I know the costs involved in running a box, I’m guessing they have to pay money to Crossfit HQ just to use the name and then there is the need to constantly replace the bumper plates because athletes keep dropping them. 😉

However this is what I do know ..

I go to the box on average at least six hours a week (quite often more) but if I just work it out on the minimum usage it works out at just over $8.00 a session, for that not only do I get to train under the watchful eyes of highly qualified olympic lifting, gymnastic, strength and conditioning coaches (and I mean watchful, I don’t just mean they happen to be in the same room) BUT I also get to train alongside, games athletes, and a wide array of people that are willing to (try) and get me to train harder than I would if I was training solo.  Let’s just say I’m not one of those crossfit types who goes on holiday and does a hotel room WOD and if I’m running, someone made me OR zombies are behind me and you best move your arse .. fast! 😉

Sure you could pay $20 a week for a regular gym membership (and I got awesome results for years doing that) or you could build a mini gym at home, whatever works for you. I just prefer to train in a social environment where a skilled coach is overseeing my development and I don’t mind giving up a couple of cups of coffee to pay for the privilege.

Really only you can determine how you want to prioritize your expenses. I just choose to slot “health and fitness” directly under “food, shelter and kids schooling”.  Remember your health gives returns just like any other investment, the earlier you start contributing, the more value and benefit you’ll be able to enjoy later.

I’m certainly not going to tell you how to live your life, but I’m also not going to exclaim how “I wish I could afford something like that” next time I see you upload yet another round of photos of your nights out on the town.

Till next time

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  1. Bonny says:

    Great post Julz, you rock and say it so well. Thanks

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