We are “that” couple

I saw this on my facebook newsfeed the other day ..

Because I don’t want to be obnoxious & irritating about it, I’m going to create a “health & fitness” list for some of my food & exercise related updates …  please speak up if you want in or at least don’t mind seeing it.

I still promise I am not going to drown you all in fitspo or thinspo – that’s not my game

Firstly I’m going to say I have no idea what fitspo or thinspo is, but I’ll put my hand up and say I’m one of those obnoxious and irritating people who posts way too many food and exercise related updates, photos, videos and check ins.

However up until that point it had never crossed my mind to care what other people think about what I post or how often I do it. Surely that’s why Mr Zuckerberg (or his representative, I’m guessing he delegates the menial stuff these days) created the “hide from timeline” setting for and I don’t want to state the obvious but if you are my friend, you’ll know that food and exercise is what I do, after all I’ve never hidden the fact that I exercise so I can eat dessert (often). 😉

I also figure if you survived the period where my status updates included gems such as  “something is wrong with my baby, she won’t sleep”, “my breasts are about to explode, why won’t the baby wake up”, “my baby won’t stop crying” and even  “yay finally a poo on the toilet!”.  I’m pretty sure that you are hardy enough to scroll past yet another photo of me doing a handstand.

But I get it ..

Aforementioned friend is a fledgling crossfitter and has recently joined a box,  Some people (still) get all twisted knickery about crossfit.  After all it is a cult!


Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing

Technically you could say the same thing about first time parents, baby wearers, classic car owners or even bodybuilders.  All of these things have their own vocabulary and members who gather together with those with a like mind. CrossFit can be a very social (and somewhat cultist) activity and while some members entire lives revolves around crossfit that doesn’t have to be  that case.

J and I would be a prime example of  this, we both do CrossFit (although one of us more often than the other), and we both enjoy it (to varying degrees). We talk about WODs, exercise technique, what muscles hurt and how awesome “so and so”at the box is and I guess we would be the annoying Crossfit couple that posts too many WOD photos on Facebook.

We have  friends we’ve made through our exercise endeavors (who don’t blink an eye at yet another exercise related post),  but we’ve still managed to make and keep friends from outside the gym who put up with our banter about my nasty snatch or which of us cleans better.  People get excited about CrossFit just like they get excited about holidays, shoe shopping, or a day in Auckland when it doesn’t rain!

Anyone can be stuck up, opinionated and overbearing regardless of whether they crossfit or not.  Assholes in real life become assholes who like Crossfit, and awesome people in real life become awesome people who like Crossfit.

My advice?  Always be awesome! (And learn where the unfriend button is because I’m too old to change my ways.) 😉

Till next time




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2 Responses

  1. I’d miss you too much if I hid you from my timeline 😉

  2. Tracy H says:

    We love your posts! handstands and poo related…..why else would we tune in so often?!!

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