72.0 (With AF)

Yep, you read correctly, Im one whole kg down AND Ive got AF this week … I dont think that has ever happened before, so suffice to say im stoked.

Its been a rock n roll type of week (literally) .. ACDC were in town and SD and I went to see them along with 599,998 other people on Thursday night and for lil old me who is used to being tucked up in bed at Nanna oclock these days, it was a loooooooooooong night, dont get me wrong, it was an awesome night, but very very late.

Ive been thinking about this week and I thought about the highs and lows .. ive got two highs, the first happened last Monday (it was a bank holiday), I trudged down to Isabelles wardrobe, which is where all my pre pregnancy clothes live and tried on some of the bigger items and to my surprise I can fit into a 14 which is a pretty big achievement for me.

I didnt get down to a 14 after the birth of Isabelle so im smaller than I was when I fell pregnant with Elias which is awesome because I fell pregnant when Issy was nine months old, so Im two months “ahead”. The other high happened on Wednesday morning when I jumped on the scales and realised I was going to lose weight this week even with AF, that was a very pleasant surprise!

My low point of the week was without a doubt Friday morning .. after crawling into my bed just before midnight after the ACDC concert, the alarm going off at 4.20 am was not a pleasant sound at all! However I dragged my tired ass to the gym and managed to do a hill walk on the treadmill .. no lunchtime run or even walk on Friday but I did manage to do a shoulder workout and a little bit of cardiio with Lavinia after work .. so pat on the back for me.

Lavinia had a bit of a set back this week so is a week behind where she could have been, but she is thinking positively and we have put some things in place to help her get through the next 17 weeks, so its onwards and upwards for her too.

All in all things are getting pretty exciting around here! Lavinia and I have booked in to a make up course at the local college on Tuesday nights, a componant of the course is learning how to do stage make up, so we are hoping that by June we will be good enough to do our own makeup, this decision was spurred on because T the make up extroidinare is getting married the same day as we compete, so she wont be available *how rude* 😉

Anyway, my baby is awake .. so I best put on my Mummy hat.

Till next week (when I can tell you how my check in with Miss Jo goes) xox

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