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After a month of jet setting across the globe the Nash clan were all ready to head back down under.  Although it meant saying goodbye to the sunshine of LA there really is no place like home.  Even arriving in the freezing temperatures of stupid o’clock in the morning (in shorts) and being held up at customs because a certain someone didn’t realize his residence visa had expired didn’t dampen our mood.

Our trip in a nutshell ….

LA (on the way to the UK) –

Weather A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Hotel (Anaheim Desert Inn), Excellent location .. good sized room.  The kids first time at Disneyland.  Both kids loved the rides, handled the cues well and were scared of the characters but insisted on standing in line to see them.

UK –

Cold 😉 James got to see his family and the kids got to meet them for the first time.  The kids had a great time and Isabelle now has two new loves,  gardening thanks to her Nanna Jean and drawing thanks to her Aunty Jackie.   The kids Poppa Richard came to spend time with the kidlets too and even made an appearance the morning we left .. that alone was a huge feat for him, because he doesnt do mornings (I think thats where James’ gets it from) 😉

Fav part of my trip?  Spending the day in London with my “little sister” Laura although I almost didn’t recognize her because she forgot to tell me she was half the size she used to be!  I even got to see the parade that they had for the Duke’s birthday. 🙂

LA – (On the way home) –

Stayed at the Park Vue, the rooms are small but functional, the location is excellent and they provide breakfast and dinner which is awesome.  We saved a fortune! (So I bought shoes) 😉

We split our day between Disneyland, California Adventure and the hotel pool.  James and I also spent one night each at the parks by ourselves after the kids went down so that we could go on all the rides that we couldn’t take the kids on.  Oh and the Indiana Jones ride still scares the living daylights out of me even though Ive done it numerous times before!

Bouquets go to ..

Nanna Jean for making her home our home, Isabelle has told just about everyone about her princess tower bed at Nanna Jeans house.

Poppa Richard for letting Elias have horse rides on Inge (the dog) and for gifting us a brand spanking new top of the range camera.

Uncle Mike and Aunty Hillary – For meeting, greeting and sending off the tired and weary travelers (and for Elias’ birthday pressie, which he loved).

James’ family and friends – for making the time to meet the kidlets and for making them feel at ease in unfamiliar surroundings.

The Air New Zealand crew giving Elias a card signed by the pilot and cabin crew along with a pressie for his 2nd birthday (we flew into NZ on his birthday).

So we’ve been back four days now .. the kidlets are still working on another time zone, which is hard for James and I, starting the day at 2am is not fun.  Hopefully by the end of the week things are back to normal(ish) and we can all get back into our routines.

I haven’t headed back to the gym yet.  Still trying to unpack and get the house and kids organised.  I’m hoping to get to Ludus soon though .. I hope I don’t die!

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Oh I am so glad to have you back home!!

  2. Donna Healing says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful details of your trip away… Wonderful xxx

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