100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 51 #trueblue

I’ve grown up with a rugby mad Father and weekends used to be Dad either playing rugby or watching rugby – any rugby – for example if the Chatham Island was playing Papa New Guinea and it was televised then Dad would watch it.

As a consequence of loosing my entire weekend to rugby I’ve never been a huge fan and it wasn’t until Rugby World Cup 2011 that I started to watch and even enjoy rugby and that in itself was a bit of a fluke.

You see I bought Rugby World Cup match tickets for my Dad as a Christmas gift, but that was the year Dad was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery then radiotherapy and then chemo so he wasn’t up to traveling to and sitting at Eden Park, so I went instead (which at the time seemed a waste for a non rugby person like me)

BUT I went and although I didn’t really know what was happening on the field I loved the atmosphere (and watching SBW change his shirt on field wasn’t a bad thing to witness) 😉  Incidentally he is MUCH taller in real life than he looks on the TV or even on the field when you are sitting in the stands!   Look how teeny I look next to him!

Anyway I’m digressing – the sight of SBW does that to a girl ..

I’m hoping that you have cottoned on to the fact that I now follow rugby – sure I still don’t know the rules and I will only watch “my teams” play so you will never find me watching South Africa vs Australia but if the AB’s are playing (the All Blacks or the Auckland Blues) and it’s not a 3am game due to some random time zone I will watch although I definitely prefer to watch from the sidelines.

To cut a long story short (cause this story is getting pretty long) the Auckland Blues have started training for the 2013 Super Rugby season and I’ve been watching the team training videos of them lizard crawling up hills, yoyo testing and even embracing the “joys” of the burpee!

So today we have our interpretation of an AB Burpee – our rugby ball skills are a tad wanting, well except for Iz you can tell she has actually played ball sports before .. and although I’m built like a prop (albiet a very short one) I’m more of an individual sport kind of girl … 😉

Here is our ode to the AB’s …

Impressive huh? 😉

Till next time
(When you may actually see me burpee on a boat!)

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  1. Amy says:

    Awesome work girls!!!!

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