100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 50 for time

When people ask about Ludus they basically come to the conclusion that we are a “Crossfit Gym” and I guess there are some similarities (like we do burpees) but there are probably MORE differences that similarities.

One of the HUGE differences as that 99.9% of our workouts are not done for time. Sure we have some “tests” and we time these so that next time we can try and beat it but normally our wod’s will take hours, not minutes to complete so a DNF is a regular occurrence and is not “shunned” like it is in some crossfit circles.

However one thing we do time *for the fun of it* is 100 weight vest burpees. We don’t have a “leader board” or anything like that but my friends and I do this “test” just because we are curious .. (yeah I’ve got some *unique* friends) 😉

Anyway I’ll get to the point now .. the plan with this 100 day challenge has always been that Day 100 will be 100 weight vested burpees for time. Since today is Day 50 we thought we would do 50 for time to get an idea of what time we should aim for for the tonne, using our scientific formula of double the time and add a couple of minutes … tricky huh?!?!

So here we go .. on your marks, get set ….

Till next time

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