100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 49 and the girls go commando

Say the word commando and *apparently* the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is being sans underwear …

In my case the first thing that springs to mind is Arnie or Commando Steve from the Australian Biggest Loser, but after some #totes scientific research I am definitely in the minority.

Anyway although I would usually be “commando” because lulu cleverly build underwear into their shorts, today I chose to wear tights so I am not “swinging in the wind – well actually I wouldn’t swing in the wind would I? That’s a boy thing .. unless I was topless I guess, then I probably could swing in the wind, or at least jiggle – anyway I digress.

After some discussion with the girls none of us were ACTUALLY commando, but according to Anna tights ARE underwear so we should actually wear no knickers under them but I only agree if you can get away with wearing tights like Anna has on .. those are knicker sized 😉

So I guess instead of talking about being commando let’s watch the girls going commando for Day 49

Till next time

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