100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 48 and I never thought I’d utter these words!

I’m pretty sure that you all know that I have a “thing” for shoes .. sport shoes in particular. I am getting quite a collection of toms (love those sparkly toms!) but sport shoes have a special place in my heart – and considering I train everyday I have an “excuse” to have so many sport shoes. James on the other hand has three – pairs – yeah like in total! Anyway he needed a new pair of trainers to wear to Ludus because he keeps his running shoes just for running so we went to Rebel on one of their sale days (Yes I know just about everyday is a sale day at Rebel, but you know what I mean) .. Anyway he’s checking out all the shoes and I obviously go to the womens section and look at all the pretty shoes, then I go back and tell him I’m off to the $2.00 shop to get the kids some stuff for their pirate treasure hunt and he says to me did you find anything you wanted? To which I replied ..

(*if you are standing up while reading this blog I’d sit down now*)

“No I don’t need any more shoes!”

Umm .. wtf … ?!?!  I honestly never imagined those words would come out of my mouth, but I’m having a mini mission at the moment and I’ve decided that I will wear a different pair of sport shoes each day and if I don’t wear a pair (or I wear a pair and they are uncomfy to train in) then out they go and I’m not getting any more shoes until I’ve sorted out the ones I have! *proud* Oh and since the girls banned me from Lululemon you won’t see any new shorts either 😉 Check out today’s shoes, they go great with my outfit bahahaha Till next time

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