Awesome August – Day 15 (Upside down)

I know I said at the beginning of this month that I’d try to find something other than handstanding for my photo a day challenge, but honestly – upside down? It had to be done .. right? 😉

Back on the 1st of January I decided I’d handstand every single day this year and I’m now up to day 227. Although I haven’t quite managed the entire 227 days, I’ve come close with 195 photos currently in the 365 Handstands 2015 photo album.

Although that’s 32 photos short I’m not sure if I’ve missed 32 days in total or I’ve just missed posting some of the photos and I’m way too lazy to cross check lolol but to be fair some days it takes about 20 handstands before I get “the perfect shot” so it kind of makes up for the 32 I’m short ..

Looking back over the year I can see my line has slowly gotten better with each passing month, when I started In January I thought I was pretty good at handstands but I can see now that I’ve become pretty good with still so much room for improvement! Let’s see how good I can get with another 138 days worth of practice.

Till next time





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