The Ludus Transformation Challenge

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the blog before but I signed up for The Ludus Transformation Challenge and it officially starts tomorrow. Yesterday was the challenge introduction evening with speakers on a range of topics such as training, food and supplements.

As I was getting ready Issy, my seven year old said “don’t forget our family talent show is on today Mum, can we do it before dinner?” When I responded that we’d have to do it after dinner as I was going to a meeting at the gym, both kids (six and seven) then asked what the meeting was about. When I told them that Mum was doing a Biggest Loser competition, they both looked a bit confused and Issy quite matter of factly said “but you aren’t fat, the Biggest Loser only has fat people, remember, we watched it on the TV.” #blessher I explained that at our gym you didn’t have to be super fat to do the competition, you could be just a little bit fat, or not fat at all.

Just to clarify the Ludus transformation challenge winners (one male and one female) are the people with the biggest percentage of percentage lost (confused much?). I’ll try and clarify it for you – if someone starts the transformation challenge with 40% body fat and ends the ten weeks with 30% body fat then they have lost 10% in total which equates to a 25% loss of their original body fat. To beat that someone who starts the challenge with a body fat of 20% only has to lose just over 6.5% (being a third of their original total) to beat the “bigger person” – this means that anyone has a chance of winning regardless of where they start.

Now I know I’ve definitively stated that “I’m just not that competitive” before (repeatedly) BUT in this instance I’m definitely in it to win it, so watch this space ..

72.2 kg @ 23% b/fat

These aren’t the official photos that Pax took when she did my measurements but these were taken just before I left for the initial weigh in.  I know that you’re supposed to look all sad about “being fat” in before photo’s  but that would be a load of horse manure, I didn’t join the transformation challenge because I hate my body and want to change it (although summers coming and being leaner is never a bad thing), I signed up because I trust that it’ll try it darnedest to bring home a win.

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