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During the Ludus Transformation Challenge introduction evening, Robert Bruce (a previous winner of the challenge) got up and spoke.  Robert went from 38% body fat to 20% which is a whopping 47% loss!  Robert spoke about what he did and perhaps more importantly what he thought it would take for one of us to win the current competition.

Now I’m not belittling anything that Robert did because loosing 47% of your body fat is an extraordinary feat – in fact that’s 12% more than I’m aiming to lose – so yeah what he did obviously worked for him, but …  (there’s always a but with me right)?   He stated that you’d have to train twice a day at least six times a week,  don’t drink, don’t eat (a myriad of things), get a tonne of sleep and look after yourself (stretch, do yoga etc) to win.

Well, as soon as he said you need to “get a tonne of sleep” I knew that he didn’t have kids. 😉   So – I’m going to use this Transformation Challenge to show you that you don’t have to train morning and night six days a week and get loads of sleep – because some of us live in a world where that’s just not going to happen until our kids are at least another 10 years older and are out all night and sleeping all day.

In my case I’m lucky in that I get five weekday mornings where I get to train at Ludus because since James returned to the workforce my retired parents have taken on the school drop off duties.  I get five uninterrupted blissful mornings that are all about getting the best workout I can.  The rest of the time I settle for working around my kids, we go walking (or adventuring as my youngest likes to call it), we clamber across playgrounds, we scooter ride and if it’s just myself and my baby we run – because he likes to run and I love him more than I hate running, in fact he’s the only person I will voluntarily (without any moaning) run for.  Thankfully although he can run fast – he can’t run fast for a long distance, so he hasn’t yet managed to kill me.

For all you working Mum’s out there – this is for you …

I’ll show em all 😉

Till next time





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