CrossfitHPU Playoff 5 – WOD 1 (The Run)

15 synchronized burpees
1K run
8 minute time cap

Seems straight forward right?

Get all six members of your team to burpee in time and then run a 1 kilometer loop. Childs play!

There were nine heats before Team HPU Platinum was up and you only had to watch one to work out how this WOD worked. The entire team did the burpees next to your allocated mat, then then team would run to the start line and continue running around the park till we crossed the finish line (but wait theres more), you then ran back to your allocated mat where the judge was waiting to stop the clock.

Yep if you are a non runner like I, the first thing you realised after reading that was the run was longer than 1 kilometer! Story of my life! ..

I watched a few heats, did about 152 nervous wee’s and although they called you down to the warm up area prior to your heat I’ve got an “antique” model and I needed a tad longer than the rest of the intermediate peeps so I warmed up prior to the warm up – better safe than sorry 😉

When our heat was called to the warm up area Graham from the Corrective Clinic went through a 10 minute mobility and warm up routine before our heat started.

Although as WODs go this was pretty simple, HPU Platinum had a few hiccups (five of them to be exact). Hiccups being no reps #sigh  We we finally got done with our (now 20) burpees and went off on our run I was surprised to see that we weren’t the last team to finish that section of the WOD but those 5 extra burpees nailed me on the run.

Instead of practicing running (for endurance) I really should have spent more time going from doing burpees into a “fast” run .. you live and learn I guess.  I had asked Ollie who was to be our fastest runner to come and find me on the track after he had finished his run to pace me to the finish line and he and the rest of HPU Platinum came back and flanked me at about the 900 metre mark.  I literally held on to Ollie’s shirt and he pulled me to the finish line.  <3

My goal was to run the 1k in 6 minutes or less and I did (just) with a 5:58 but my Garmin tells that from our mat to the start line and back to the mat after the finish line was another 70 metres so all up my running time was 6:29.

Gotta say A) it was harder in the heat of the moment than any other 1k run I’d done and B) I wasn’t sad to see the back of that one!

HPU Platinum finished in 36th place (out of 56 teams).  1 down, 3 to go!

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