Crossfit Open 14.3 – Announced

My Friday ritual has changed somewhat since the opening day of the 2014 Crossfit Games.

It used to be that I’d schedule “my things to do” for a Friday afternoon. Hair cuts, physio appointments, Little Bird Unbakery dates or accidentally falling into the local Lululemon store.

BUT now I spend my Friday afternoons glued to the computer (im)patiently waiting for the announcement of the latest Open WOD.

Today was no different. I sat transfixed as Dave Castro announced the workout that I would be attempting tomorrow at the Open WOD class at CrossfitHPU.

8 minute AMRAP (ok) .. Deadlifts (Yes!) Box Jumps (Can I step up? – I can! – Yes! <3)

This has been the workout I’ve been waiting for!

Nothing too technical, just pick up a weight and put it back down (repeatedly) then get to the top of a box and get back down again ..

I’m excited about this one.  The only way 14.3 would have been better (for me) is if it had been shoulder to overheads instead of deadlifts.  But I’m guessing this will be my best chance to post a semi decent score.

I’m nervous though.  Firstly I did a heavy deadlift session today and my back is uber tight (I’m hoping it’s nothing a hot bath can’t cure) and secondly (and probably more importantly) because I think I should do well there is more pressure to ACTUALLY do well.  The other WOD’s I knew I would struggle with so I went into it thinking I’ll just give it a go but this one I have higher expectations.

My goal is to score 75+

I’m thinking this should be achievable, but then again for 14.1 my goal was to complete 2 rounds (and I didn’t) and for 14.2 my goal was to get through to the second round (and once again I didn’t).

Surely *fingers crossed* I’ve got this one …

Till next time



PS – Did I mention I’m excited! It’s like Christmas Eve (but with no gifts or cake awaiting me in the morning)

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