No more neknominations!

Early this year I saw a flood of “neknomination” videos on my social media newsfeeds.

“Neknomination”, involves the “neknominator” who, after posting a video of themselves online downing some form of alcohol, then “neknominates” one or two of their friends to follow suit.

The rules dictate that they have 24 hours to upload their video (trying to out do the previous one) and nominate their choices, carrying on the trend.

I recall thinking “WTF? Surely I don’t know anyone stupid enough to do this”, but unfortunately I was proven wrong on more than one occasion.

Then after the death of a young man in Dublin following his “neknomination”, Modern Body Warrior came up with the idea of #fitnominations.  They even have a Facebook page!  Great idea huh?

This week after my friend Jax completed her #fitnomination of 20 box jumps she challenged me to do 21 (1 rep more than her nomination) overhead squats.  I assumed she chose overhead squats for me because I had said over and over again I suck at them and she was giving me another opportunity to practice, but she assures me she had decided prior to the release of 14.2 and my constant fretting that went along with it.

Anyway, her wish .. my command ..

If you couldn’t be arsed watching my amazing cinematic efforts, my #fitmoninations are as follows

Amit – 22 double unders
Anna – 22 pistols

I wanted to #fitnominate James to row 2200m but when I told him he looked like he probably wouldn’t make me coffee for quite some time so I weighed up “making” James row vs coffee and as you can see from my list of nominees coffee won. 😉

I would like to point out that I have no idea how adding 1 rep onto each subsequent nomination is going to work for those further down the line, 21 was hard enough! I guess at some stage someone will come to their senses and pick a reasonable rep range for their nominee.

At least I wasn’t challenged to complete “Sally up – Sally down” there would have been tears ..

Till next time




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  1. Amit says:

    #fitnominate challenge complete and passed on 🙂

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