When doing less is more …

I read an amazing article written by my friend Susan about “making detailed fitness goals”, you know the ones we make each year such as;

I will complete a half marathon
I will do a 100 kg deadlift
I will get a muscle up

The latter seems to be on my list every year.

Well this year (after writing her to do list) she realised that she needed to stop adding more things to do. What she already did was enough ..

I’ve been in that mindset where I had to “do more” so I could “be more”. I’d have a constant nagging voice inside my head about what I still had to be done. Not once did I ever stop to smell the roses, I was too busy running past them to get to the next thing on my list.

But our minds are geared to manage much less than we typically end up managing. I think men have a genetic advantage when it comes to task management.

Take a simple task such as hanging out the washing.


Put clothes from washing machine into basket.
Carry basket outside.
Hang clothes.
Mission complete.


Collect dirty clothes from bedrooms to take to laundry.
Make beds and pick up toys while in bedrooms.
Take dirty clothes to laundry room and sort.
Put clothes from washing machine into basket.
Put another load into washing machine.
Make the kids a picnic lunch to have outside whilst you hang out washing.
Carry basket outside.
Hang clothes.
Sit with kids while they have lunch.
Do dishes.
Return basket to laundry.
Mission complete.

You see the difference?

A man will do a singular thing on the to do list, finish it then sit on the sofa with a beer congratulating themselves before moving onto the next task. Women on the other hand see all the options and want to complete them all – at once.

I still see the myriad of things I could be doing BUT I also know; the fewer goals I have, the better I do them.

It’s a lot like having a piece of caramel slice (or whatever food is your “go to”).  One slice gives you that “omg nom, that was totally worth a weeks worth of hard arse training sessions” feeling.  Inhaling two slices doesn’t double the satisfaction, in fact the exact opposite happens. You are left in a carb coma thinking “Argh! Why didn’t I stop at one?!?!”

The less you have, the better it tastes.

Next time your inner competitor nags you to get your lazy arse up and “do more” I challenge you to reply “I’m good thanks, what I’ve done is enough”

Sometimes doing less is actually doing more ..

Till next time




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  1. Susan says:

    Love this, Julia. In particular “the fewer goals I have, the better I do them” and “the less you have, the better it tastes”. Wise insights.

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