Step away from the comparisons ..

There are days when I “rightly” give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

The reason changes depending on the given day, perhaps I’ve just managed to run 3 kilometres albiet slowly whilst gasping for air without stopping or it could be as simple as going an entire day without eating sweets (which doesn’t happen often so that deserves a high five on the rare occasion that I accomplish it).

See, I’m all good with celebrating all my successes regardless of their size after all I’ve always produced better results with positive reinforcement.  A cheerful “Come on Julz, you got this” (accompanied by a pat on the back) will always keep me moving faster than “Julz! WTF! Everyone is WAY ahead. Move!”

So it goes without saying that if I don’t like other people talking down to me, why on earth should it be ok to talk to myself the same way? Well in my completely unscientific opinion, it’s not.  Which is why you should NEVER, EVER compare yourself to others – honestly people just don’t do it.

If you’re currently living in your own happy bubble congratulating yourself for running without having a heart attack in the process, why ruin it by reminding yourself that;

  1. There was that REALLY old guy with a walking stick who lapped you.
  2. There were people who could talk and run simultaneously (whilst you were struggling just to breathe) and furthermore;
  3. You may as well have just walked since it took you so long.

Why should other peoples prowess at running suddenly diminish the feelings I had about my accomplishment?

It shouldn’t ..

Till next time





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