The more things change

Unlike many blogs online that have a niche market they actively aim their content at, mine has always been a diary where I’d write a (near) daily record of events and experiences.

You see, I’ve always kept some form of paper diary throughout my life so I guess a blog was something that was always on the cards, especially since I no longer felt the need to lock away my thoughts and feelings and hide them (unsuccessfully) under the bed.

The bonus is that when I’m asked a question eg “When did you start going to Ludus”,  I can search the phrase “train like a spartan” which will direct me to the blog post I wrote the very first time I entered the arena, which incidentally was Friday 18th February 2011.

Today I saw a post that suggested;

Write about where your blog was or what you posted 1, 2, or X number of years ago.

Which made me curious, what was I writing about today all those years ago?

March 2010

*Background – I had Elias (my second child) in June 2009 and I had set a goal to stand onstage in a bodybuilding show before June 2010.*

When I wrote this blog post I was 10 weeks out from show day and I’d lost weight so I was happy.  I was such a simple creature back then.

March 2011

I was sad, my car had broken down on the way to work AND my porridge exploded in the microwave.  LOL!  I was still writing about bodybuilding and incidentally this blog post included a photo from the show I was preparing for in the earlier mentioned post from 2010 so that was kind of cool.

Thankfully it was all doom and gloom that day, I did note that Ludus had made me happy – some things never change.

March 2012

I took Yumi to Ludus.  Yep!  I changed her life forever … 😉

March 2013

Mostly I spoke about how hot Mr P.T was, oh and how Anna had “forced” me to sign up to the Ludus Games.  Which made my cry btw – the actual games that is, not the signing up part.   I’m pretty sure the Tough Mudder was Anna’s idea too which also made me cry, right whatever Anna decides I should do next – I’m saying no.

March 2014

I was in the midst of The Crossfit Open and I was prioritising strength work, so I was lifting increasingly heavy stuff repeatedly.   I also incidentally correctly guessed the WOD for 14.5!

March 2015

Five years later and not much has changed.  Mr P.T is still hot, Ludus still makes me (and Yumi) happy and I still lift increasingly heavy stuff repeatedly.  Sure I don’t weigh myself nearly as much and I no longer cry about exploding porridge but honestly, more things remain the same than have changed.

If it aint broke ..

Till next time





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3 Responses

  1. Maiye Czarniecka says:

    Hi Julia,

    My name is Maiye, I’ve been following your posts and reading your blog for about a month now. I really enjoy them and I think you’re amazing!

    I am 33yrs old and I have a wonderful husband and beautiful 3yr old daughter named Ava. Since having Ava I have cleaned up my lifestyle, I used to party a lot, smoked cigarettes and drank far too much.
    These days I train 5-6 days a week, eat clean 80/20 rule, drink occasionally and I’ve been smoke-free for 4 years.
    I feel fantastic however because I train at home it gets a little boring sometimes, especially because I’m on my own (husbands working). So when I came across your website I was thrilled to get some different ideas. I’m currently doing your 100 burpees 100 days challenge, I’m on day 27.

    Anyhow I just felt like introducing myself and letting you know that I really appreciate you sharing your journey and inspiring me everyday.

    Kind Regards


  2. Burpees For Life says:

    Welcome Maiye!

    I’m glad you found me and that I inspired you to do the 100 day burpee challenge, I’m not sure you will love me as much come day 67+ lolol

    Keep me posted, I’d love to know how you go 🙂

  3. Maiye says:

    Haha, yes I have a feeling there might be a little love loss too! Jokes.

    I’ll let you know how I get on

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