Pot Luck

After this mornings 6am Ludus session a few of us “oldies” (or as Joe calls us – “originals”) were throwing around ideas about sessions that could be held at Ludus North Shore.

North Shore is a smaller venue than their city location and although there is less equipment on site the small class size gives the opportunity to go back to the “old school ludus” sessions with everyone of us fondling remembering the original Ludus Games – tyre ball, dodge ball, ball wrestling and the infamous monkey jousting, believe me every man at Ludus remembers the morning that Anna and Iz battled to the death on the bars. 😉

I suggested a pot luck WOD ..

The idea being that you would post on social media that the class would be a pot luck WOD and ask every person to bring along an item that could be used as part of the workout. Boris laughed and said “You’d bring a hula hoop!” and although hula hooping is hard work, you actually have to know how to keep the hoop spinning to work up much of a sweat so that’s not the first thing I would have thought of.

I would in fact have bought along an ab mat, first of all I’ve already got one in the back of my car so no chance of forgetting. An ab mat is light, so even after the workout was done I would still have the strength to carry it back to my car AND it’s multi functional, you can do handstand push ups, sit ups and push ups heck you can even use it as a cushioned seat to sit on whilst listening to the trainer tell you about the WOD.

I’d leave it to the people with much bigger cars than mine to bring along the Olympic Bars, Atlas Balls and Sleds ..

What would you bring to “the table”?

Till next time





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