An ode to the EMOM

This morning at Ludus we had a EMOM session.

For those of you who do not know what an EMOM is, it’s an acronym that stands for “every minute on the minute” Meaning, you are to perform a specific task for a specified number of reps every time the clock hits :00.

As things go, I prefer EMOM’s to other types of training as the rest is built in. The resting portion is actually an important part of the EMOM concept. For example if your rep range is too advanced for you to complete in the minute and you aren’t getting any rest your basically just doing an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in a set time).

To celebrate not dying (or crying even though Anna was involved) I wrote “a wee love note” 😉

An EMOM in theory is really quite easy
Just move for one minute or till you get queasy
Oh EMOM Oh EMOM I guess you aren’t bad
Until you add thrusters cause they make me sad

Who would have thought a movement so simple
Could be as gross as popping a pimple!
Why can’t we snatch, do a deadlift or three?
Or could that be the time when I need to go pee?

I could hide in the toilet, no one would notice
They all work so hard with a strict mental focus
A voice in my head screams “don’t be a quitter”
“This is what it takes, for you to get fitter!”

And, although it’s clear that I hate to thruster
I really gave everything that I could muster
Oh EMOM Oh EMOM you got me good
My arms were on fire and my legs felt like wood

On a positive note, I didn’t cry
That water was sweat dripping out of my eyes
Till next time we meet, can I just ask one thing?
Instead of a thruster lets kettlebell swing

Till next time





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