Days 91 through to 93

This week has wushed  by and although my computer tells me that wush is  not an actual word, if you say it out loud you will get my drift. 😉

Anyway its been a blur a little like todays photo of the day (which incidentally is me on the crosstrainer this morning after Ludus – I was using it as a warm down)

On the burpee front Anna and Iz did Day 91 with me at Ludus on Monday.  Day 92 I did prior to RPM yesterday and Day 93 I did post Ludus by prior to crosstrainer this morning.

I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to upload the videos but it won’t be at least until the weekend because I’m out most nights this week. In fact I’m heading to “chicks at the flicks” tonight with the girls so this post is going to be super short and straight up – just like me.

So far this week I have burpeed, did some Ludus (where there were more burpees) and seen my PT twice (and he made me do yet more burpees).  Apparently its burpee appreciation week ..

Thankfully I’ve also done spin (no burpees) and yoga (total bliss and the added bonus of no burpees).  Yes I know the blog is called “Burpees for Life” but its not called “Burpee Every Single Day of it” 😉

Umm .. what else??? Oh yes!

Tomorrow is retest day. I said to my trainer on Tuesday “if I am not leaner, I warn you there could be tears” to which he replied “You know what? I have two sisters and I STILL don’t know what to do when a girl cries”.   I told him that a hug would suffice ..

So either way I win really 😉

Till next time

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