Julz what do you do now?

When I started with Mr P.T my goal was to drop some weight so that I didn’t blind the poor locals in Fiji when I donned a bikini, so it was ALL about the metcon.

Not much talking (unless it was a swear word on my part), lot’s of sweating and if you ask Mr P.T to recall that time he would probably add lots of complaining.

Fast forward a few months, a few kilos (less) and a few new pairs of shoes and we have now moved into my “strength” phase (eg loads of way teensier girls are much stronger than me and apparently I *should* teach these muscles to do more than look good).

Now strength phases involve more weights LESS reps – less reps is good in my world – remember the “I’m not a chipper kind of girl post?”

Anyway strength phases involve resting. Resting involves chatting to Mr P.T (it’s a hard life sometimes) ..

I’ve told you all that Mr P.T is not bad looking and when people query his single status they then ask me if he is gay. If you ever meet Mr P.T in real life you would know immediately that the boy isn’t gay.   In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought he was the son of that old guy in the beer adverts.

The Southern Man!  So in other words he’s a “manly man” he probably even builds stuff, saves women from huge spiders in the bathroom and carries out the rubbish to be collected 😉

Anyway he turned to me this morning and said “So what do you do now that the “girls thing” has finished and Shonny is leaving?”

Me = Ludus
Mr P.T = Sweet
Me = Boxing
Mr P.T = Awesome
Me = HPU
Mr P.T = Niiiiiice
Me = Oh! And RPM
Mr P.T = Oh …

Guessing RPM is not high on his “cool list” probably a bit “girly” for him lucky I didn’t mention the Yoga 😉

I’d also like to mention that our conversation happened after he told me all about the “pretty girl” (who in his words was pretty, with make up and long painted finger nails) who came with one of the guys he was going to do front squat and clean training with.

He gave her a tour of the gym and then tried to leave her in the womens gym to read magazines on the “stairmaster”. She followed him out to the gym floor, loaded a bar and did front squats with 50kgs as a warm up and said she wanted to train with the boys.

Mr P.T = Julz, I will never judge a book by it’s cover now.
Me = So pretty girls can lift stuff too?
Mr P.T = Heavy stuff even!

Oh I love that man .. he never ceases to amuse me 😉

Till next time

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