Skinning animals is not what I signed up for!

Through my long list of life experiences (eg I’m old and my brain stores loads of useless info) I’ve come across a few “no brainers”

One such no brainer is that when you start a new sporting activity you have to learn an entirely new language.

For example netball has quarters, rugby has halves and squash has sets.

Ludus on the other hand is the “king of the acronym”

Yes I know what it means. No I don’t go to Ludus enough.

Crossfit is no exception and since I’m back to being a newbie I’m often sporting my “wtf are you talking about” face when the coaches are talking to the group.

Last night during gymnastics class Gareth excitedly said “Have you skinned the cat yet?”

First thing I did was put on the aforementioned wtf face, then I actually thought wtf and then finally I thought .. what cat?

Then I blurted out “Since I have no idea what you are on about I am going to say no” (oh and DON’T google it, you can’t unsee that shite).

Thankfully “skinning the cat” is an actual gymnastics move (who knew!?!) that is designed to help with shoulder mobility and as a bonus it’s done on the rings #squeeeeee #fun.

Pretty much in non technical terms its a roly poly done in the air while holding onto the rings, no idea what that has to do with a cat and I’m too scared to ask Mr Google anything else on the “skinning a cat” matter.

The photo on the left is me (yes sometimes I actually wear something other than shorts and long socks to train in) the photo on the right shows what I should have looked like and the doodle *giggle* down the bottom shows the roly poly movement in its entirety.

Since I was losing my skinning the cat virginity I didn’t actually know what it should look or feel like so at least after seeing the photos I know I need to drop my butt down not just my legs oh and according to the doodle *giggle* I should have a broad smile at all times.

I’m never going to become an RX athlete if I can’t follow diagrams to a t 😉

Till next time

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