It’s like riding a bike

During the six weeks I was a part of the “Look Better Naked” team training one of the things that had to make way was spin class.

Previously I was doing at least 3 a week sometimes as many as 5 or 6.  It’s an awesome workout and you get so much bang for your buck time wise and I’ve got to say that the couple of times I “cheated” and did an extra session during the week it was always a spin class that I attended.

Anyway now that “LBN” is over and I’m getting back into a semblance of a routine I’ve added back in my beloved spin classes.  Today was the first class I’ve done in at least a month and I knew full well it was going to hurt.

The 7:10 am class is usually not too busy so I nabbed a spot in the back row.  I did glance over at “my bike” but I didn’t feel like dying in front of an audience so I’ll make my way towards the front of the class as the weeks go on.    I would however like to note that it’s hot at the back of the class (“my bike” is directly under the air con vents, which is the main reason it became “my bike”) so I did think to myself it was a stupid decision to hide at the back.

Drowning in my own sweat isn’t something I want on my eulogy!

Thankfully it’s actually like riding a bike (funny that) and once you learn how to ride, you never forget and it all came back half way through track one.

Nothing much has changed – I still hate the speed tracks, I still sweat a tonne, I still feel like I may puke or die and I still love Nats L (who refers to herself as Big Nat – I’ve seen Nat in a bikini on stage, nothing big about her) 😉

And it’s still my “go to” on days when I need to feel like “Ive worked out”

Tomorrow it’s another endeavor, this finding a balance sure does involve juggling many hats!

Till next time

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