B Day

When you get pregnant your midwife gives you a pregnancy pack filled with all sorts of “useful” booklets that explain what is going to happen to your body during this wondrous period of your life.

Obviously most women know about stretch marks and spend time lathering lotions and potions onto their ever expanding belly to help combat the dreaded tiger stripes.

However these booklets fail to mention all the *great* things that happen AFTER you have managed to push a huge baby out of a tiny hole 😉

They miss out pearls of wisdom such as ….

  • Laughing may cause water to come out of more than just your eyes 😉
  • Boobs during pregnancy look AMAZING .. they deflate and sag once the baby is finished with them and are more like empty windsocks than the melons you had before.

I had always said that once I had finished being a baby incubator I wanted my boobs to be put back where they were before I grew the kidlets in my belly.

Heck I started a savings fund as soon as Isabelle was pulled out …

And now after nearly four years of scrimping, saving and selling most of my worldly possessions (and some of the kids – possessions obviously, not the kids themselves) I’ve got enough to inflate the windsocks!

So operation Top Secret is out of the bag and in its place is B Day! B for Boobies!

I’ve run, jumped and lunged my arse off (quite literally in fact).  I’ve tried to drop as much weight as possible so that during the time where I won’t be able to jump, lunge and run I can afford to put on a little bit of weight (not too much though .. jumping is hard when your fat) 😉

So today is the day ..

Next time you “see” me, my boobs will no longer be looking at the floor .. they shall be staring you direct in the face (well if you are reasonably short that is) 😉

I will do a blog post on my experience as soon as I can lift my arms to type.

Till next time

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4 Responses

  1. TracyH says:

    Good for you! Babies do so much more than just keep you up at night! After all your hard work you deserve to get something put back as it was ‘before’! Good luck!

  2. Amy says:

    Good Luck!!!! Hope your recovery isnt too long although it might be nice to be forced to “relax” while you recover 🙂

  3. Bee says:

    Good Luck 🙂

  4. Donloree says:

    B-Day is here! I can’t wait to hear how perky you are in a few weeks. 😀

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