Have I?

Happy Tuesday!

I am feeling great today, nothing quite like starting off your morning flipping tyres.  I always feel like one of those strong men you see on the TV when I get to flip tyres at Ludus!

Yeah baby!

So it’s been awhile since I’ve answered some of your questions so I thought I would get onto some of those today.

There was the infamous time last competition prep, where I not only fell off the rails, I got run over by the train!

I looked back over the my blog during that period and it was seemingly full of ups and downs, this time round it seems to be a straight line which  is actually a little worrying for me.  Maybe I just expect competition prep to be “hard”?

Anyway I digress.  Yes I’ve fallen off the rails before … I’ve just learnt to get back on track straight away.

Staying on track gets easier with practice

I am actually an ex smoker, I smoked for 10 years plus.  Then I met James and I gave up cold turkey a month before he was due to come and visit from the UK.

However I have to confess I don’t look down on people who smoke or who are overweight .. its their body, not mine 😉

I will admit that I don’t listen to their excuses though.  People who say “I don’t have time” or “I can’t because my kids won’t eat healthy things” or “It’s just genetic” drive me crazy.  I tend to just turn off, they are only fooling themselves.

Accept NO excuses!

So a quick recap of yesterday.

The morning started off with Ludus (love).  We did 300s yesterday morning 150 of which were burpees .. gotta love those burpees (not).

Yesterday afternoon I trained shoulders (again more love) and then I went and practiced my routine.  I literally thanked God for giving me the foresight to record it yesterday, because I forgot the second half and had to watch the clip to remember (hits head).

Then last night Mum came and watched the kidlets and James and I went out for a power walk, he automatically reaches for my hand when we get to the big hills now so he can pull me up (love that man).

So that’s it from me today .. off to do some research for tomorrows blog post, because we all know what Wednesday’s bring!

Till next time

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  1. Becks says:

    Yay for the research for tomorrow!!!

  2. michelle says:

    oh cant wait for it!! Yaya!

  3. feminine fitness says:

    Oh and it’s a goodie too!

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