Fa la la la la

Tis Friday and I feel like I should sing “fa la la la la, la la la la”

During the week when I am at work, I have the luxury of a lunch break.  I know how lucky I am, because when I was at home with the kids, I was lucky if I got a coffee break, let alone an entire hour to myself!

Anyhoo I digress, during my lunch break I tend to surf the net and I come across some amazing things.  I’ve decided that each Friday I will share my top five “You have to know about these things” because I am an enabler and you shall be enabled 😉

This kind deed shall be known as …

Pink Versa Gripps

They made versa gripps even more amazing by making them pink!  I use my gripps all the time, especially because I tend to get sore forearms before anything else tires, and these help me lift heavier than I could otherwise.

Harbinger Pink and Black Gloves

Now I actually have a pair of these, but don’t you think they would look even more cute with pink versa gripps! 😉

Kate Spade Gym Bag

Yes I have a thing for pink!  But by golly this is just beautiful!  Although I could get a new set of boobs for what these things sell for .. hmmm, bag or boobs .. I think the boobs would win (narrowly).

Surf Dames

Awesome concept!  I would love to do a their luxury retreat.  Learning to surf combined with massages, facials, happy hour .. what more could a girl want?  (Apart from some hot hunky surfer boy to teach her, oh hang on a minute, I have one of those lol).

Marks Toys

Well I am a Mum after all, so you are bound to get something kidlet related in my top five.  We got the kids a wooden kitchen and stove and its awesome!

So my time of rest is drawing to a close and its two days of toddler wrangling to come.  You stay at home Mums, rock!

Well it’s been a great week in the land of Julia the “fitness chick”, really enjoying training at the moment, it probably has something to do with the off season carb intake, but I’m a happy camper so all is good with the world.

Here is a round up of the week in pictures.

Yes, I carry a camera everywhere!

Till next time

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