Day 85 is my gift

Day 85 landed on Issy’s 5th birthday.

She got a “big girl bike”.  A pink flowery sparkly bike with a seat for her doll and stabilisers that don’t wobble because that was the “most important” request – stabilisers that don’t wobble.

And although Issy loved her pink flowery bike which even had flower shaped pedals – what she wanted most?

Her Mumma ..

You know when they say the greatest gift you can give your kids is your time – it’s true.  Obviously Issy loves #stuff but her top three wishes for her birthday (because as she reminded me constantly it’s my birthday Mumma and on my birthday I can do/have anything I want) – to which I reminded her that was true “within reason”

Request one (which she made when I went to pick her up from daycare)
That I sit with her at the drawing table and draw a picture.

She even drew my bun and my skin is darker <3

Request two –
That she get to have McDonalds AND that her Mumma would go with her because “You NEVER come to McDonalds Mumma.”

Request three –
That I sit with her and watch a movie.

Simple huh .. basically she just wanted to hang out with her Mum, so that’s what she got. No Yoga, No burpees. Just me and my girl ..

So thats her extra special birthday gift from me – 85 burpees that I now have to do with day 86 tomorrow = 171 burpees for the birthday girl, now that’s true love 😉

When I asked her if she had enjoyed her day she replied ..

“Yes Mumma – it was the best day ever, I am going to file today in the good memory pile”

My body may not be as lean, fast or as fit as it used to be – but fark it did good work growing her!

Till next time

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