Day 88 – 80s seem so easy I prefer the 170’s #yeahright

Last time I posted was Day 85 and I hadn’t completed the challenge burpees because the birthday girl wanted her Mum all to herself.

So I did the required 171 burpees the next day being the combined total of Day 85 and Day 86 (and no you didn’t miss that blog post because I didnt do one I was so knackered) 😉

Anyway Day 87 fell on the day of Miss Isabelle’s birthday party .. so yeah, another day I didn’t get them done. I’m obviously feeling super epic these days and would rather do 170 something instead of the required 80 odd.

So although today is technically Day 88 once again my burpees were in the 170’s in fact the exact number is 175.

No worries, I’m so epic why not do my first weight training session in 18 months first, then do an RPM session, follow that with a Body Balance class THEN do the burpees .. that totally sounds more my style ..

Anna and I trained chest and shoulders this morning. I haven’t weight trained since I competed and heck that was June 2011 so it was actually 18 months (I just guessed in the above paragraph, I thought I better actually check) so I wasn’t sure how I would go but I guess it’s like riding a bike, your body remembers what it should feel like in each movement and it all comes flooding back.

I was actually quite pleased with my weights.  I was only 5.0 kgs off my usual bench press @ 17.5 kgs per side and I did 10 reps 8 of those completely unassisted – heck I even managed to incline press 20’s, so slightly proud.  Not sure how I’ll feel tomorrow though 😉

Thankfully tomorrow is leg day .. although I won’t be thankful when I do my rpm session straight after, then I will be thinking – who’s stupid idea was to do this following a leg workout .. then I’m going to turn to Anna and smack the back of her head (at least I’ve given her fair warning) ..

She will kick my arse on leg day .. but at least that evens us out – makes us a better team .. right? 🙂

Anyhoo .. here are the catch up clips

Day “171”

And Day “175” (I was feeling really good must be the kiwiyo last night) 😉

Here’s hoping the next time you see me isn’t day two hundred and something!

Till next time

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