Day 89 is a holiday

Today is Auckland Anniversary Day which means HOLIDAY!

But the term “holiday” can mean so many different things .. for some it means going away (but we had Issy’s birthday party this weekend so not an option) for others it means chillaxing and doing nothing (not really an option when you have two kids to run around after) so for some of us it means more of the same old same old.

So I did RPM and weight trained.

I know, I know I weight trained yesterday! Two days in a row! Anyone would think I was a bodybuilder and before anymore of you ask – no I am not weight training in preparation to get back on stage. I’ve been there, I’ve done that .. I have the trophies to prove it and although I’m enjoying throwing around some iron I don’t miss the dieting, not in the slightest.

As Ludus was closed for the holiday Monday Anna, David and myself booked in for the early RPM class, then Gabe and Sal joined us to train legs

I don’t think we converted Sal to the ways of the gym bunny, she thought it was too clean and there was too much light 🙂

After leg training Gabe stayed on and Anna, David and I did our second RPM session for the day.  The second class seemed to fly by (thankfully) and for most that would be enough for the day, but no my friends decided that we should do Day 89 straight after class and Gabe decided that I should do the rep count as 20, 30, 39 .. 39 non stop burpees after doing double rpm and a leg workout .. that boy is one crazy spartan.

The boys let me set the pace –

The more burpees I have to do without stopping the slower I go but as we were in the middle of the room in front of cardio and stretching areas I didn’t want to be there all day so I tried to go as fast as I could (however when you see the clip, my fast wasn’t that fast) 😉

After that I had earned my keep what better way to spend the rest of the day but floating in the pool in the sun. I don’t want to repeat myself over and over but honestly I love my life I’m one lucky lady.

Till next time

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