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Those of you who know me understand that I have a “thing” for dessert and pancakes, which is basically just dessert at breakfast time and although I’m not a huge sweet (as in lollies or chocolate) fiend, I probably won’t pass up m&m’s if offered, especially if they’re those yummy crunchy ones – actually who am I kidding I won’t pass up any variety of m&m!

So it goes without saying really that if I’m going to give up dessert, m&m’s and all other junk food for the entire month of June that it must be love .. and it is! This one is for my Poppa (and as a bonus my waist line will probably benefit too).

Junk Free June fundraises for its sole beneficiary, the Cancer Society of New Zealand. The Cancer Society provides a range of support and information for people affected by cancer and funds cancer research in New Zealand, it recommends that you eat a diet that is mostly from vegetables and fruits, be physically active, and maintain a healthy body weight so they put forward a challenge – quite simply, give up junk food for the 30 days in June.

What is junk food?

As a general guide anything high in calories from sugar or fat is considered to be ‘junk’ food because it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value. Fast foods, fizzy drinks, candy, pre-prepared and/or pre-packaged foods can often contain a lot of calories from sugar, salt or fat and are often referred to as ‘junk’ foods. So my plan is to simple – eat unprocessed whole foods.

As the Cancer Society receives no direct government funding it relies on personal donations to operate. 100% of the money raised by Junk Free June goes directly to the Cancer Society, so I would HUGELY appreciate it if you could support by donating on my fundraising page.

Give a little (the cost of your daily coffee) or a lot (say, the cost of your Saturday night take away) it all helps! Raising money to kick cancer in the arse, whilst getting a smaller one – win/win. 😉

If you would like to get involved head over to the Junk Free website. Even if you don’t want to fundraise, it wouldn’t hurt to cut out even just a little bit of the junk food you usually consume after all the 1st of June is a Monday, all “diets” start on a Monday …

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