One day you will look back and laugh

Since doing the HPU induction course Mr P.T and I have started working on my Olympic Lifts.

Today we started Day one of a strength cycle. Technique is all well and good but if you aren’t strong enough to lift the weight required, technique isn’t going to help much.

I’m training around an injury so this morning we started the strength cycle with Deadlifts and Back Squats.

Deadlifts I’m ok with. I did them when I was bodybuilding to some degree and they are quite regular exercise at Ludus. I picked up some tips and tricks during the HPU induction and Mr P.T is just tweeking a few things and working on getting my weights up.

He was quite happy that on Day One we got my max up to 85kgs when we were just taking it easy and I had heaps left in the tank. (Some days I do actually please the boy – not often, but some days) 😉

Incidentally apparently I’m the perfect build for deadlifts – short levers with a lot of mass, who knew being short and large would come in handy some day!

Anyway then we moved onto the squats.

Free squats are not something that I’ve done. I’ve never thought my knee was up to the task (and to be fair it probably wasn’t when I was bodybuilding) so I only ever used the leg press or the smith machine (I know, I know).

I’m still not hugely confident in squatting with any added weight but I’m better with bar on my back or in my hands in front than holding it above my head – thats just crazy shit!

My initial goal is to squat my bodyweight. Mr P.T however was aiming for the sky and was rattling off crazy arse numbers.

He smiled and said

“Just wait in 8 weeks you will look back and say “Bahahaha look at that weight I used to lift””

Watch this space people apparently I am going to become super human!

Till next time




PS – Speaking of HPU, I’ve got my first gymnastics class tonight – squeeeeeeeee!

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