Time to come clean …  Last night I f**cked up .. royally!

Was it worth it?

In all honesty, the first anzac biscuit was more than worth it .. all that oaty sugary goodness was bliss in the mouth, even the second anzac biscuit was worth it (in my opinion).

The food that followed?

Not so worth it .. by the time I looked like I had swallowed an entire Galapagos tortoise and its shell was trying to poke my ribs out the way .. none of it was worth it.   The thought of never ever eating again seemed like bliss to me, I even contemplated (for a split second) trying to bring it all up again, but the only thing I hate more than being a headachey, sore tummied person .. is a vomiting one, so that idea quickly went out the window!

Do I even have an excuse?

Nope .. only that the voice in my head that said .. eat it … was louder than the one that said .. don’t be stupid 😉

So where to from here?

Today is a new day … what is done is done and I need to move forward and put plans in place so that I don’t have the chance to stuff it all up again.

And this plan is?

Well it’s a multi dimensional plan that I laid out whilst doing my morning cardio around the quiet streets of Parnell .. but here is the jist of it.

De clutter – I’ve taken all my treat food into work so that I don’t have anything at home even remotely tempting.

Reminders – I’ve printed out pictures of Monty and Jo and put them on the fridge door (both at work and at home).  Monty’s photos are there because she is about the same age and is also a figure competitor and she is a constant reminder of what I am aiming for.  Jo’s picture is there for obvious reasons.

Fess up – I’ve decided its photo time again .. every week … in a bikini so I can’t hide any bits of lard that shouldn’t be there and I’m going to post them for the entire world to see (well the entire world that reads my blog)

Keep Busy – Now this one is pretty obvious .. I need to keep well away from the kitchen when I’m bored or stressed, or even worse, a combination of both.   To help with this one I have a list of “things to do” they include

  1. Picking new music and choreographing a new routine.
  2. Organize a competition bag.
  3. Sort out my bikinis .. the blue one needs sequins re attached, the black one needs clips etc etc etc.

Do More, eat less and document it all  – That one is pretty self explanatory.  Each day I will write down what I do and what I eat .. after all thats why I created the Feminine Fitness File in the first place!

And finally …

Be Kind To Myself!  Yes I stuffed up .. is it the end of the world?  No!  I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off and get on with the job ..

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    Very inspirational x

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