Getting what you want

You all know that I love my early morning Ludus sessions.  The camaraderie, the exhaustion, the sweat .. all of it.

HOWEVER I have a goal (well I have many) but the one I am concentrating on at this point in time is to lose 8 kgs by November 8.  In order to do this I have to fit in a certain number of weight training sessions so that I can hold my muscle mass, a certain number of cardio sessions and of course my beloved thrashings at Ludus.

Thankfully I didn’t have to stomp my feet or cry to keep my Ludus sessions in my training schedule, I just had to work everything else around them.  That everything else includes time with the kidlets and James because I’ve heard rumors that you can “have it all” I just need to find the right balance.

Anyway thankfully I have an end goal and a plan because my gym at stupid oclock in the morning is not a happening place .. well unless you want to walk on a revolving mat, like a mouse.   Apparently the cardio room is THE place to be.  I can’t think of anything worse, but then who am I to judge, these people obviously have not yet learnt that Ludus exists 😉

Just so you get an idea of just how lonely the weight room is at stupid oclock … take a look.

If you look really closely you can see one lone head in the background.  That would be Steve, he works there.  On a bright note, I do not have to wait for any equipment.

I saw a post on You Tube about wanting to be successful.  An excerpt in it said

“You need to want it more than you want to breathe .. some of you love sleep more than success, well you have to be willing to give up sleep”

In my case I am willing to give up sleep AND a couple of sessions at Ludus – don’t push me to give up any more though 😉

Till next time

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