Trust in the process

Happy Hump Day!

It’s been a week since I started on “Mission Top Secret” (yes I just made up that name). I’ve dutifully followed the plan to a T and trained like a good girl – I even did the weight training and you all know how I’ve been struggling with that lately. 😉

This morning I stood on the scale (well actually I stand on the scale everyday, but today “counts” because its been a week). The number was down, but not by what I wanted to see BUT if I can trust the fat percentage reading it does give me the fat loss I’m looking for so I’m hopeful and will just put my faith in the process.

Oh and I’ve decided I really, I mean REALLY hate training multiple body parts in one session so I’ve made an executive decision and I’ll do a couple of extra weight sessions per week so I should be in and out in a flash! Honestly longer weight sessions ONLY work if there happens to be some fine specimen of a man to oogle to help pass the time .. I am yet to come across one at my gym.

How is that for a perfect segue into the main event of the day because being hump day means that it is Wednesday ….

As I mentioned last week in honor of the Rugby World Cup I would don my investigative journalist hat and scrutinize the rugby players of the world.

Today’s wolf is from a far far away land (well from me)

Yep Italy the home of good coffe, gelato and also one of the hottest rugby players in this years Rugby World Cup – Tommaso Benvenuiti. 

I honestly don’t know anything about him but I gather ..

Sponsored by Adidas??

Seems to kick the ball so maybe a First Five??

Looks HOT in a suit (and is cute)

Sorry ladies, apparently it is cold in the Northern Hemisphere because no matter how hard I looked I could not find a shirtless photo of Mr Benvenuiti. But I think you get the general idea of his hotness. 😉

Till next time

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  1. Anouska says:

    I am actually surprised at how many of the rugby players look soo much better in a suit, than they do in their playing gears! I like this guy much more in his suit! 😉

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