Im a numbers girl

I went to see my doctor about contraception on Monday afternoon.  You see my doctor has numerous patients that compete, so he “gets it” when I request a contraceptive option that ..

  1. Will not make me gain weight
  2. Will not make me retain water
  3. Will not hinder my training in anyway

Basically Ive been using the “I have two toddlers and am always knackered” or the “there seems to be a small child in the bed”  form of contraception, but I figure they will get older one day and Mumma and Dadda FemFit will get the bed to themselves!

There were three in the bed and the little one said ..


Anyway, we started discussing my fitness aspirations (to gain muscle), he then asked what fat percentage I wanted be on stage and when I was competing.  He then looked at my current body composition, food, training and recovery cycles to see what would be a realistic goal for the time frame Im working with and see if he could offer any advice on how to achieve this goal.

So .. I sit waiting for him to go over everything and he turned to me and said.   “Right, so we are looking to get you up to a weight of 75 kgs”

I retorted with a pained look on my face   “Ummm  no, I don’t want to weigh 75 kgs”


I think my eyes looked some what like Nemo when told the “goal weight”

He then turned to me and said

“Well if you are 65 kilos now and only 9 kilos of that is fat .. how do you intend to add more muscle if you don’t plan on getting any heavier?”

I must have still looked pained because he gently said

“Julia, its just a number, what you look like is far more important than the number on the scale”

It was at that moment, that I got it.  You see I have this “magical” number in my head, I call it my happy number.  My happy number off season is 65 .. if Im under it – Im good (not great, but good).  If Im over that .. not good, must work harder or eat less.


What kind of day am I going to have?

There are probably millions of women around the world who are just like me.  They wake up, jump on the scale, if the number is good, the day is good.  If the number staring back at them is “not good”, watch out world!

So from here on out I need to try and remember its just a number and start hoping the number gets bigger … tis an alien concept!

On that note .. lets get on to bigger and better things …

Sonny Bill Williams

Enough said really 😉

Till next time

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4 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    Good reminder. The numbers and I aren’t friends this week….so, to heck with them! 🙂

  2. Fantastic message. It is just a number. One indicator of many as to one’s level of fitness and health. I have to remind myself of that all the time.

  3. Jen says:

    I see girls getting on the scales at the gym and shake my head and think “No, don’t do it!”. And changing the subject completely. you NEVER need to find another subject for wolf whistle wednesday. Just repeat SBW. And perhaps get him to come by my place.

  4. Lavinia says:

    Unfortunately, I’m stuck with numbers by way of profession and eating/training. As long as the scales are always moving in the other direction I’m happy, crossing my fingers and hoping for fat loss and cheering on muscle gains. I’m sure it’s my inner girl that is always only focused on the number??

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