Sock it to me

First up today I am going to announce

“I am that sock girl”

just so this blog makes some sense in case you don’t notice I wear garishly bright long socks 99.9% of the time when I’m training.

So now that’s out of the way, onto the blog post.

This morning I had the “pleasure” of being in the presence of Mr P.T

We’ve been “together” now for nearly three months and our morning routine is pretty much “same old, same old” it’s like being  an old married couple – heck we don’t even sleep together, just like real old married couples 😉

I start every session with the same warm up routine which I usually complete before Mr P.T shows up (I go in early).  The warm up routine is rowing intervals, a core set and then I finish off with dynamic stretching, Mr P.T usually arrives just as I’m up to the stretches and at that point he usually says the same two things

First as he grabs my ankles when I do my calf stretches he will say “You have tiny feet” to which I always reply “You have REALLY big hands”

Next up he will usually say something akin to “Those are really bright socks” kind of in a WTF are those kind of tone .. the one you use when your child dresses in something odd but you don’t want to hinder their artistic expression.

A bit like when Issy decides that her leg warmers make great knee pads and I smile and tell her how fantastic the outfit is 😉

Today however Mr P.T exclaims pretty much as soon he see’s me “Those socks are awesome!” and for once he actually meant it .. I think I’m growing on him.

He did however seriously ask me if I had borrowed them from Isabelle – twice ..

I know to a six foot tall man with huge hands I’m wee AND I have mentioned she is tall BUT she is five I’ve got at least 4 years before she will be as tall as I am after all I asked Mr Google and he told me that;

The average height of women in New Zealand is:  5′ 5″ (165.0 cm)

I’m totally average give or take 4cm’s

Anyhoo I guess you are now wondering what these socks look like that softened the heart of the self proclaimed “lad” ..

Yeah I guess you can see why he thought they could be Issy’s.

Till next time

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