Bring on the burpees

I think they should tell you when you look into starting the “Look Better Naked” six week program that it involves running.

Although I’m guessing they wouldn’t get so many sign ups if they laid that out in black and white!

Actually I don’t have to guess – I know for a fact 😉

Obviously since I started out this blog post complaining about running you have realised that today’s session involved that exact activity *sigh*

And if that wasn’t bad enough it involved running up a big hill! FML.

I’m not sure what it is but everything I do lately seems to involve people making me run – oh and abs. I’m going to have abs of pure titanium 😉

I’m not sure what skipping has to do with abs but you get the gist of it ..

Today we ran up College Hill. It’s not as steep as Franklin Road but it’s a longer distance to run. I actually hate both of them so it didn’t make much difference to me which one we ran up – I may however “get lost” enroute if we have to run up Franklin Road tomorrow.

Enough with the running already!

After the run we did a circuit that involved burpees (and quite a lot of them). One of the girls opposite me would proclaim “I hate burpees” everytime we got to the burpee section and she would do a couple then stop and complain some more until time was up ..

I didn’t even have the heart to tell her we weren’t even doing “real” burpees ..

Till next time

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