We all knew it was coming

Today was the final session for week 2 of “Look Better Naked”

On Monday we did the cool crossfit(ish) workout. Then yesterdays session was upper body and abs. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that today (being the final session for the week) we must be training legs AND because we did two road runs last week and haven’t done any this week it was a pretty good bet that we would also run (and abs, there hasn’t been a session with no abs)

Low and behold when we turn up at the gym Shantelle let’s us know we are doing a road run first up *surprise – not*

Today it was another out and back hill run where we all left at the same time and the fastest to the top turned and tagged everyone else and they would turn at that point and run home as well.

The hill? … Franklin Road

The last time I ventured up Franklin Road in anything other than a car was last year sometime when Sal and I went for a “run” how the hell Sal managed to run at my pace was beyond me because not only does Sal have looooong legs, she can actually run, but nevertheless she let me be the pace setter (which means slow).

That day I managed to jog about half way up before walking and even when I was running on a regular basis I would make sure my route went down Franklin and not up it!  So in other words I’m pretty sure I’ve have never run up Franklin Road without stopping.

So my goal was simple – keep running to the top without stopping BUT our in house runner was there today and being a runner she would get to the top ahead of me and I’d have to turn when she tagged me so my secondary goal was to be on the last block before the top when she met me on her return.

I have a *thing* about running in the rain in the city centre because the shiny tiles are always slippery so I tend to run like a “princess” but better safe than sorry – right 😉

So I got my princess run on and played the Little Train that could speech “I think I can, I think I can” on my “radio” (otherwise known as my brain)

There were times I thought “shit I can’t” but my stubborn came out and moved me forward.  I didn’t even look ahead to see how far away “the real runner” was till right near the end and to my surprise she wasn’t too far ahead, there was no way I’d catch her so I just tried to get as close to the top as I could.

The lightning bolt is me and the star is the finish .. not bad Julia, not bad at all!

The run down Franklin was a breeze apart from trying to dodge all the wet leaves on the ground (imagine a bulky princess trying to jump daintily between the leaves) and then I just had to dig deep to keep running to the finish

Time 17:02

And I still had to do legs .. argh!

Till next time

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