Do you even raise objects against the force of gravity?

Ever since I gave up bodybuilding as a sport I haven’t “really” lifted ..

I mean technically I’ve lifted (obviously)

I swing kettlebells, I graze my shins doing deadlifts and I hoist my ample body up when doing chins I even lug the odd kidlet around – but I haven’t trained “like a bodybuilder” for quite some time.

However “Looking Better Naked” requires that your body be less jiggly than it currently is,  so head honcho Shantelle put our flabby upper bodies through their paces this morning.

She told us to grab weights that we could use for our upper body but didn’t get any more specific than that.

Considering I can lift way more using my chest muscles than I can for say my biceps I decided that every weight imaginable should cover my bases 😉

We started the session with shoulders (well we actually started with the warm up – but you know what I mean).  Out of all the muscle groups, shoulders are actually my fav thing to train, which probably explains why when I do lift weights on a regular basis I end up with boulder shoulders.

Not as cool and bouldery as my friend T’s but baby versions of her’s ..

Anyway we did three exercises (press, lateral raise and front raise) for one minute each, no rest in between x 4 rounds.  So actually nothing like a bodybuilder the only thing they have in common is that it involved lifting a weight and putting it down again .. 😉

Then we moved onto triceps and abs.  I thought we had finished until Shantelle said “put everything away but come back here” my first thought was “shit I hope we don’t have to road run” ..

BUT it was worse!

Planks for a minute supersetted with pushups for a minute.  I’m guessing you know which one I think is hell on earth and it’s not pushups #sigh

Anyway after that we were finally finished – no run, which means I guess that’s what is in store for tomorrow .. I suddenly feel “a cold” coming on #cough #splutter ..

Till next time

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