Sing it loudly!

Doesn’t the sight of Maria make you want to sing …..

“Theeeeeeeeeeeeeese are a few of my favorite things” at the top of your lungs?

Although I guess that may only happen to those of us old enough to know who she is .. has Disney made a kick arse cartoon version yet?  When they do Issy and I are TOTALLY there! 😉

However we will get onto at least one of my favorite things a little later in the post.  Since it’s Friday I guess I should do a quick recap of the week for those of you who are interested …

3 Runs – 2 Swims, 2 Weight sessions, 2 bike sessions – 1 Core session, massage (bliss), swim & bike session to do, rest day coming up tomorrow, visit to the nutritionist.

Yeah well I did say quick. 🙂

I like to listen to music when I workout especially when I’m doing cardio because well lets be honest its a little monotonous.

If you are anything like me, you tend to move as quickly as the music you are listening to so I tend to make my playlists according to the bpm I want to move at during my workouts.

However this week I found an AMAZING website that does the hard work for me!

Rock My Run has numerous FREE playlists that you can download.

They use up to date music with the original artists (which I love) and their search engine is customizable – so I can search for mixes over 140bpm over 30 minutes in length and using pop music and the even BETTER part?  You can listen to the ENTIRE mix!  Yep, amazing huh!  No more listening to something for 30 seconds to decide if you will like it or not.

They also have mixes of varying tempo for when you are doing interval type training.  It’s honestly the best site I’ve found (and believe me I’ve checked out a fair few)!

So go and grab yourself some music and head out the door and get your run on …

For those of you who have sent in questions I will get to them soon! Promise 🙂

Have yourselves a great weekend.  The kidlets and I will get our “art on” since I think summer has forsaken us this year.

Till next time

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