I’m half way do I look better naked yet?

Just about every day since I started the Look Better Naked program I get asked

“How is it going?”

“How are you coping with the change/decrease in training?”

“What’s it like?” and the big one ..

“Do you look better naked yet?”

So since I’m officially half way through the program and I’ve had time to settle in (so to speak) I thought I’d do a group question and answer session šŸ˜‰

“How is it going?”


Ive settled into a routine, the girls in the group are nice enough, Shantelle laughs a lot and I get sweaty (as long as I’m sweating I figure I’ve had a workout).

“How are you coping with the change/decrease in training?”

Yeah .. ummm .. ok(ish).

It’s nice to sleep in a little longer than normal since I’m only doing one thing each morning instead of doubling, the afternoons I’m getting better with and once Issy is back at school I’ll be on school pick ups so that fills in some time but the weekends?

Well I’ve got to confess not training on weekends is like the strangest concept to me – ever ..

I guess that one is going to take some work.

“What’s it like?”

Lets see ..

There is way more distance road running and not as much crossfitesque circuit type work as I expected there to be. We also do a lot of ab work, like A LOT and a lot is probably an understatement.

The girls are lovely but “different” to what I am used to, they are usually late (and the rest of us apparently have to wait), they complain (loudly) and give up when it gets uncomfortable (as opposed to when their body gives out)

J tells me this is what “normal” people are like and my friends are just overachieving epic weirdos .. who knew?!?!

“Do you look better naked?”

Well I looked good naked to start with šŸ˜‰

I do have to admit doing about a million hours of ab work does give you rock hard abs .. literally. My midsection feels like I’ve swallowed a rock!

That would be awesome if it was warm enough to wear a bikini .. #sigh

Till next time

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