Ask and you shall receive

When it comes to training I sometimes have the overwhelming urge to do a certain type of session.

Sometimes I want to lift heavy weights, sometimes I want to do more cardioish type stuff and sometimes I like to do more of a technique session.

Then there are the weeks where I’ve gone hell for leather and by the Friday I want to do something easy(ish) like a core set followed with a good stretch.

Mr P.T has always been receptive when I’ve made requests about the type of session I want to do although he won’t often let me get away with the “lets just chat and have a stretch”.

We’ve been doing a fair bit of strength and technique work in the last three weeks and I’m pretty tight and sore so I couldn’t face doing more strength based training today so last night I sent Mr P.T a text

I probably should have realised from

A) The super speedy reply and
B) The fact he used more than one exclamation mark for a one word reply

That I was in for trouble ;)

I wanted to do a particular set of amraps we have done before so that I could see if I was fitter, faster or stronger (or all of the previously mentioned) but I figured I could talk to him when I saw him.

So fast forward a few hours (and a drive to the gym) and Mr P.T bounds excitedly into the room with a big grin and twinkling eyes (yeah he was that happy) carrying a water filled power bag.

So he tells me about the amraps he’s designed specifically for me and I quote

“I was so excited when you said AMRAP! 

I sat down and thought of all the coolest things we could do and and put them together. 

It’s as if I got Christmas day and your birthday and all the other cool days like easter and put them together to make babies, this workout is all of those coolest days combined”

I tell you that boy is either on drugs or he’s having shite loads of sex with some hot girl.

Anyway after that explanation I couldn’t really let him down and not do his coolest of cool days wod .. bless his heart.

I am however confused about how he could think my best of bestest days would include 20 lengths of farmers walks as a buy in – buy in!  Honestly if I wanted to walk like or even with a farmer I would have married one.

I did however get to push the sled around, which is actually quite fun and I am thankful that Mr P.T did not sit on it .. small blessings!

At the end of the session when we were having a chat I mentioned that I had wanted to do the 7’s amrap and he exclaimed “Why didn’t you tell me?” when I told him it was because he seemed so excited and I didn’t want to burst his bubble he said ..

“But it was fun right?”

Ummm .. yeah … fun  … 😉

Till next time

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