Do it BIG or stay in bed

Last Wednesday I stated that my goal for this month was to jump onto the “big” (for me) box, which in reality is just the middle height of the three options available.

It’s not like I had never done it before, granted I was younger, lighter and probably fitter back then BUT it’s not something that is completely outside of my current capabilities, I just had to woman the f**k up and jump harder, because if I didn’t that box was gonna bite and I knew that if that happened I could say goodbye to achieving my goal this month (or probably the next) as I’d be even more scared of the box.

I’ve haven’t made any attempts since chickening out last Wednesday and quite frankly I wouldn’t have been surprised if I left any and all attempts until the final day of the month as I’d then have to get up there as I hate being one of those people who say things then don’t follow through. Clearly, I hadn’t planned on box jumping today, however I’d already completed my handstand practice, I’d attempted some balance poses for an instagram challenge that looked fun and I had played around with my hula hoop yet I still had some time to kill before I needed to get ready for work and the box was just lying there – I guess it was fate. After all Monday is the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes.

As you can see it still took some time to talk myself into it, thankfully we had completed weighted box jumps (on much smaller boxes than we usually jump on) this morning, so I was able to tell myself that this jump was going to be effortless.

Now my goal is to keep jumping at that height – not for every WOD but I guess it’s like everything, you’ve got to use it OR you’ll lose it!

Till next time





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